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Radio - An article written by Eric Rhoads, Publisher of Radio Ink

If you were to ask a group of top advertising executives to create the ultimate medium, I believe they would say the following:

"The ultimate medium would be with all of the people, all of the time. They wouldn't be able to get away from it. It would have many forms of distribution so that it would continually be around them. It would create a personal connection with them. It would always be with them when they wanted it; they would never have to go out of their way to get would require no effort. It would be designed to satisfy their personal needs; in essence they could individually program this medium. It would solve their information and entertainment needs simultaneously on demand. It would not require a reason to use it; it would be part of life, woven into the fabric of living and as convenient as turning on lights. And there would be no charge to the consumer to use it"

"It would be inexpensive to produce and distribute and would reach the audience immediately. It would create any picture imaginable at a low cost and be distributed to people in a manner of minutes. It would integrate into the information superhighway, but not get caught in the start-up traffic jam. It would target people by demographic and lifestyle. Most of all, it would be cost efficient and produce great advertising results."

Cable, television, print, direct mail, billboards, and on-line services cannot meet all of the aforementioned requirements. But RADIO can...and does!

People often say that if radio had been invented after television, it would be the top medium. Radio got a bum rap when television was invented. People said it was dead and a whole generation of advertisers never got beyond that. But attitudes toward Radio are changing.

Radio is stable, personal and has an average of six distribution systems (sets) in every household. It reaches 99 percent of the people every single week. It can be heard while simultaneously doing something else. It's in most places of employment, most homes and most cars. It provides information, it's targeted, it's free, it's convenient, and it's got the best pictures because it still requires imagination. It's cost efficient, easy to distribute to thousands of stations quickly, and it produces excellent results for advertisers.

It's time the world recognized Radio for what it is...The Ultimate Medium! Spread the word...use Radio.

Radio On The WebRadio broadcasters are becoming increasingly aware of the advertising and cross promotional possibilities of having an online presence.  In fact, a large and growing number of Radio broadcasting companies are on the Web.  They utilize it not only to extend services to listeners and advertising clients (by way of value added), but as an information gathering tool.  A number of stations even supply online audio feeds of their programming.  This gives listeners an opportunity to hear their favourite radio station while online with their computer.  Visit our Links Page to get more information on Radio.

11 Great Reasons to Use Radio!

I could give you a myriad of reasons explaining why you should advertise on radio.   However, for purposes of time and page length, here are some of the more important reasons:

  • To position your company, services, and products.
  • To create, enhance or maintain image, prestige and leadership.
  • To direct "word-of-mouth" in your marketplace.
  • To disseminate important data and information very quickly.
  • To reposition the competition, their services, or their products
  • To sell off excess inventory.
  • To stand above, apart from, or keep up with your competition.
  • To initiate, stimulate or maintain momentum.
  • To introduce new products or services.
  • To reach unknown, but powerful influences.
  • To re-enforce personal sales calls, letters, direct mail, promote
    your web site, and to augment other advertising.


Radio Advertising

Radio gives you Top-of-Mind Awareness.

Radio's ability to provide frequency and targeted reach makes it a major weapon in the on-going battle for market share.  Radio is the "share of time spent with media leader".  In the heart of your business day more people are available through radio.  And Radio's strength out-of-home is a big benefit. Virtually 50% of adults who've made a purchase in the past 24 hours were reached by radio within an hour of the purchase.  You get the last word with your consumer!   Speak with a Radio representative today.

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