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Marketing For OFFLINE And ONLINE Businesses

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Marketing Your Offline and Online Business.

This section of our web site is dedicated primarily to the web page design, functionality and marketing issues associated with your existing or proposed Web Site.  Benchmark Communications can also assist your business with the processes and promotional expertise required to establish Online visibility and credibility for your Site.   We'll do it at exceptional value and without the use of marketing mumbo-jumbo, technical jargon and webspeak.  And if, for any reason, should something fall a bit beyond our expertise (we don't profess to have all the answers), Benchmark Communications will suggest to you a quality partner company who will honestly and professionally supply you with expertise that you require.  For a detailed look at the services we offer, please click here.

Web Site Creation and Design:
Benchmark Communications can design and create a cost-efficient web site for you.  We'll even assist you with the marketing, promotion and advertising necessary to make your web site a success. And, we'll help you tie it into effective promotional strategies and media campaigns like radio, television and print.    

Marketing Your Web Site:
It is estimated that somewhere between 60,000 and 90,000 new pages are added to the World Wide Web every single day.  Also, it's estimated 80 million to120 million people currently have access to the internet, with that number apparently growing by 32,000 or more per day (Please understand that nobody really knows for sure the pure accuracy of these figures).  It is easy to see how your web site could be drowned in this tidal wave of existing and new businesses on the the Web.  Effective and cost efficient marketing is required to get your web site noticed on the internet.  Benchmark Communications can help you rise to the surface, effectively and at the lowest possible cost.   

Some Methods for Web Site Promotion:
You can design and create the most beautiful web site in the world.   Your site can be content rich, loaded with Shockwave, Flash, Java Applets, great offers, give-aways and more.   But if you haven't gotten yourself listed with the search engines, established synergistic links with other (non-competitive) online businesses and advertised your web site in many of the ways suggested in our web site, you have nothing but an unknown masterpiece of web design!   In short.... "No One Will Know Your Site Exists!"  

Building Online Credibility:
Simply a having a web site on the Internet is just the beginning.  You now need to give people a reason to visit your online business site.   It's a fact that people prefer to do business with people they know and trust, whether Online or Off.  Becoming involved in the cyber-community, is one excellent way to build relationships and credibility Online.  But remember one thing... "nobody will pay a lot of attention to you or your business, if all you do is try to sell, sell, sell."  There's simply no quicker way to lose them!

Marketing by E-Mail:
E-mail showed enormous potential as a method of supplying and gathering information on the Internet.  It was looked upon as the perfect vehicle to use, allowing businesses to get close to their Online customers.  However, the status and method of marketing by e-mail has changed considerably.  Unsolicited individual or bulk e-mail (SPAM,) has quickly become the scourge of internet.   The majority of reputable and conscientious businesses have moved away from SPAM and gotten into an opt-in system (That is, e-mail by request).

The Use of Newsgroups, Mailing Lists and Forums:
Through the use of newsgroups, mailing lists, and forums people Online can meet in cyberspace to exchange information, discuss topics and disseminate knowledge.  Via these three methods of Internet marketing, you can gain both visibility and credibility, while directly reaching large numbers of people from around the globe -- people who are most likely to be interested in services or products you supply.  There is no cost to you, other than the amount of time you wish to invest as a participant.  However, it is important that you follow a number of unwritten guidelines.

Public Relations and Advertising:
There are a couple of schools of thought regarding the use of Public Relations (PR) and Advertising.  One side believes a company should not spend money on advertising until they have established name (or brand) recognition and credibility through the use of publicity.  The other school of thought believes a combined advertising and publicity campaign are necessary for success.   But regardless of which group is correct, everyone agrees that you can't just load up a web site, manufacture a product, open a store or offer your services and not do something to attract customers to your Online business.  To learn about writing your own press (publicity) release, click here!

Should I have a Web Site and Customer Service

No!  A Web Site Is Not For Every Business:
As we stated earlier, there are tens-of-millions of people connected to the Internet accessing the World Wide Web.   However, putting up a web site doesn’t mean that you'll automatically reach millions, or even thousands of customers who just can't wait to do business with you and your company.  As with the opening of a brick-and-mortar store, if you're not prepared to offer your customers accurate and unbiased information, quality products, excellent customer service and properly promote your Online business, ("as much as we'd like to build your web site and assist in its marketing for you), our advice is.... don’t build a web site!"

Turning A Prospect Into A Buying Customer:
The frequency of your commercial message is an important component in turning a prospective customer into a buying customer.  Integrated marketing is the way to do this.  By integrating all your marketing messages -- that is: your advertising (print and/or electronic media), sales promotion, telemarketing, direct mail (regular or e-mail), outdoor billboards and publicity (PR) -- you can strengthen the impact of each medium with the other(s).  This reinforces your message in the minds of potential consumers.   But remember, even good media saturation of your message takes time to have a significant impact on prospective buyers.

Advertising and Web Site Promotion

Advertising Online and Other Marketing Techniques:
Many web sites carry narrow advertising banners on the tops and/or sides of their pages. There are two basic categories of banner advertising: free banner exchanges and paid banner advertising.

Getting Noticed Online and Offline

Getting Your Site Listed and Getting It Linked:
The reason you have a web site is to generate Online visitors to your site, and once there, to increase market awareness for your business and/or to have them buy your products or services.  Well... getting listed with search engines and directories is important.  Another important way to get your web site noticed is to get other Online businesses or sites to provide links to your site.  Both methods are necessary to increase the volume of traffic to your site.

Getting Noticed Offline As Well:
It is important to get your business noticed whether it is Offline or Online.  This section of our web site is dedicated to business marketing and advertising in general.   The same basic rules apply to Getting Your Business Noticed.  There are a number of Offline options available to you here.  We cover everything from Radio, Television, Print and the Internet, to Direct Mail, Public Relations and Telemarketing.   Many of these mediums can be used in combination with one another for your Offline business, and also be used as an effective way to promote your Online web site, locally, regionally, nationally or even internationally.   

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